Helping Vets Save The Bees: Our purpose is to build positive, symbiotic relationships between U.S. Veterans and honey bees.

Our Story

Brothers In Bees is about a few brothers and their experience with starting their own hive. With the ultimate goal of turning this side-project into an organization benefiting U.S. Veterans. The brothers started their journey in the Spring of 2017.

Our Mission

To provide a reflective and rewarding experience for U.S. Veterans through beekeeping and to spread awareness of the impact of honey bees on local communities and the world. 


Right now, we are focused on starting our first hive and making it successful. Over the winter of 2017, we will be starting fundraising efforts to launch a pilot program to select veterans.  As we get started, you will see changes throughout the site and on our social media properties.  Over the next two years we hope to achieve the following:

YEAR 1 - 2017 Season 

  • Plan build and establish our first hive(s)
  • Have a successful 2017 production season harvesting honey, wax and propolis and make our first sale!
  • Formalize our organization tax structure, business and growth plan
  • Begin collecting donations to fund pilot Veteran-hive pairings

YEAR 2 - 2018 Season 

  • Launch pilot program with 2-3 local Veterans 
  • Scale digital and social media presence
  • Increase production and online store from Brothers' hives