Helping Vets Save The Bees: Our purpose is to build positive, symbiotic relationships between U.S. Veterans and honey bees.


Our Story

Brothers In Bees is about a few brothers and their experience with starting their own hive. With the ultimate goal of turning this side-project into an organization benefiting U.S. Veterans. The brothers started their journey in the Spring of 2017.

Our Mission

To provide a reflective and rewarding experience for U.S. Veterans through beekeeping and to spread awareness of the impact of honey bees on local communities and the world. 


We continually are looking for ways to grow our organization through the number of bees we have under our care, the number of Veterans we help and the wonderful people we partner with. This is a learning experience for us as we pick things up, get stung and explore the best route forward. Here are some of our updates over the past few years and our goals for next year!

2017 - 2018 Updates

  • Expanded our apiary from 2 hives to 12 hives and overwintered with a survival rate of 85%

  • Successfully harvested 170+ lbs. of honey

  • Placed honey at Worker B stores in Minnesota

  • Collaborated with local chefs at KC Prime Steakhouse by providing honey for a Bruleed Plantain dessert.

  • Provided honey to local restaurant Norish Mama

  • Helped several vets get in touch with beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and provided materials for their education

  • Provided training, bees and materials to our first Brother!

  • Expanded our operations to Denver, Colorado

Goals for 2019

  • Build a roster of interested Veterans and Experienced Beekeepers across the nation to connect them together

  • Train two new Vets locally

  • Continue our speaking and podcasting tour!

  • Continue to help Veterans anyway we can