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apis mellifera  - a worker bee

apis mellifera - a worker bee

Spring 2017 - the beginning

So, it begins here. Kyle, Alex and I have finally decided to plan, build and manage our own hive of honey bees (apis mellifera).  Last year, Kyle enrolled in a beekeeping course at our local university (Delaware Valley University) in Doylestown, PA.  Through this, he found a passion for bees which he quickly spread to Mike and Alex.  Since his earlier classes, we have been obsessed with the idea of starting our own hive.  We have land, we have the means, the passion and the guidance of Kyle and his Professor (Master Beekeeper, Vincent Aloyo).  

Over the next year, we will start building our hive and building out an idea for an organization that helps both US Veterans and Bees (read more about our plan here). This idea was the joining of Kyle's personal experience in the USMC in Iraq, his passion for beekeeping, sustainable agriculture, and drive to help others like himself.   While we have a long way to go, between now and a fully functioning organization, we are still excited to share our progress with you on our primary objective: starting a hive. 

Over the next week or so, we will identify a beekeeping supplier to purchase hive management supplies, and our materials to build two hive stacks.  While things are being shipped we are going to identify the area on our property to hold the hives and figure out which type of bee we want (Italian, Carniolan, who knows!)

Stay tuned as this all develops!  As we make final decisions, we will publish our lists, vendors etc in hopes of inspiring some of you to start your own hives!

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- Brothers In Bees

Learn more Vincent Aloyo, here  and follow him on twitter @vincemasterbee