Curious as to how Brothers In Bees helps U.S. Veterans and honey bees? This is how we do it:



The Brothers & Sisters In Bees Network

We have dedicated a beekeeping program just for U.S. Veterans. We have designed it so that when a Veteran joins us, we provide them tools, equipment, and bees to get started, at no cost to them. From day one, we provide them education, materials and hands-on hive side mentoring to help them get the best start as a bee keeper.  If you don't want your own hive you can help manage one of our apiaries and we'll provide you the gear to help!

Are you a U.S. Veteran and interested in becoming a Brother or Sister in Bees? Whether you've never seen a bee before or are a Master Beekeeper, it does not matter to us; if you're interested, give us a buzz!


Bees! More bees!!!  🐝🐝🐝

By growing our Brothers & Sisters In Bees Network we are helping save the bees and enrich local communities by:  

  • Increasing the population of honey bees throughout local communities
  • Boosting cross-pollination of plants in local communities

All of this means more bees and stronger bees; it also means better yields for home gardeners, local farmers and better plant reproduction for the local environments!


Honey, wax-products, and more! 

Since our organization is set up to serve U.S. Veterans and honey bee, we've naturally decided to only buy our product from The Brothers & Sisters in our Brothers In Bees Network.  We are starting small, with Natural Raw Honey, but will soon expand to whatever our Brothers & Sisters create.  By selling a portion of their harvest under our brand, we are able to provide our Brothers & Sisters a rewarding side-gig and help further our mission!

Stay tuned for more product releases in our Hive Shop!